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Nightmare in Laos by Kay Danes
Nightmare in Laos Video
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Maverick House has just acquired world rights to 'Nightmare in Laos' by Australian author Kay Danes, who was unlawfully detained, 23 December 2000, by communist police, following the kidnap of her husband Kerry Danes, an SAS soldier. The couple were imprisoned in a communist [Laos] death camp for a year. Kay Danes endured brutal interrogations and witnessed the torture of other prisoners, including her husband. Her journey is remarkably inspiring as she continues fighting for the political prisoners she was forced to leave behind, in a place dubbed 'Hell on the Earth'.

"Kay Danes tells it like it is, quietly, and straight from the heart. To her, victims of human rights are not statistics for debate and analyzed in public forums, hearings, and the media. To her they are, each and everyone, persons, human beings with dignity, capable of feeling pain and humiliation. They all are her brothers and sisters. For lack of a better phrasing, Kay has put the faces on human rights abuse in the Lao PDR" says Dr. Sin Vilay, Under Secretary of the General Secretary of Laotians Abroad.

The book will be released internationally in April 2006.

I Little Slave (Paperback)
I Little Slave by Bounsang Khamkeo (Author)
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Book Review.

'It's so easy to ignore the inhumanity and injustices occurring around the world, but once you know, you must speak up. Bounsang Khamkeo eloquently and honestly paints each scene with vivid precision. I felt as though I was actually flying over the forests of Laos, feeling the anxiety of hostile government actions, smelling the stench of hidden prison camps, and witnessing death in it's most unforgiving form. Bounsang should be proud that he kept his promise to speak up against the injustices at the hands of his communist oppressors. I will long-remember the lives of his lost prison-mates, as well as the hundreds of thousands who have no recorded names. This would be an excellent companion to political science texts, and a must-read for us all. I literally could not put it down. As horrifying as his shared experiences were, I am left wishing for another 400 pages. Bounsang, I am proud to have met you. Thank you for speaking out about such atrocities.' - Timothy Robinson.

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Detainee 002 - The Case of David Hicks
Detainee 002 - The Case of David Hicks Leigh Sales
Detainee 002 is a chilling reminder that, in a war with ever-changing rules and no end in sight, there are no limits. If you care about the Australia you live in, you must read this book.

This is the story that Canberra didn't want us to know--it is scrupulously fair and a brilliant yarn. --Ray Martin

About this Title
In a remote American military base at Guantanamo Bay, 385 enemy combatants sit waiting for their day in court. Among them is David Hicks, who was detained for five years until the March 2007 hearing where he pleaded guilty to the charge of providing material support for terrorism. Detainee 002 reveals in unprecedented detail how an Australian citizen wound up in the War on Terror. Based on more than five years of reporting and dozens of interviews with insiders, Leigh Sales explains the intricacies of Hicks's case, from his capture in Afghanistan, to life in Guantanamo Bay, to the behind-the-scene establishment and workings of the military commissions. Sales' impeccable research takes us from top-secret negotiations at the White House and Pentagon to the domestic fallout Hicks's incarceration has had on his family, to the campaign that Major Michael Mori, the marine who becomes his greatest advocate, waged on his behalf. David Hicks's case is emblematic of some of the greatest challenges facing the world today: the rise of Islamic extremism, terrorism and the accountability of governments towards their citizens. It is a chilling reminder that, in a war with ever-changing rules and no end in sight, there are no limits.

Visit the Detainee 002 website at

About the Author
Leigh Sales is the ABC's National Security Correspondent. She visited Guantanamo Bay twice during her recent four-year posting as the network's Washington correspondent. In 2005, she won a prestigious Walkley Award for her coverage of the Guantanamo military commissions and was nominated again in 2006 for her reporting of Hurricane Katrina.

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The Last Executioner
by Chavoret Jaruboon with Nicola Pierce
 The Last Executioner Chavoret Jaruboon was personally responsible for executing 55 prison inmates in Thailand’s infamous prisons.

As a boy, he wanted to be a teacher like his father, but his life changed when he chose one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Honest and often disturbing – but told with surprising humour and emotion – The Last Executioner is the remarkable story of a man who chose death as his vocation. The Last Executioner is not for the faint hearted. It takes you right behind the bars of the infamous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ and into the shadows of its grim death chambers.

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An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia (Hardcover)
by Bill Hendon (Author), Elizabeth Stewart (Author)
Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly
Controversial former North Carolina congressman Hendon and attorney Stewart make the case that the U.S. knowingly left hundreds of POWs in Vietnam and Laos in 1973, and that every presidential administration since then has covered it up. The main reason for the secrecy, say the authors, is the billions in war reparations demanded by the Vietnamese and promised by Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon at the Paris Peace talks. Hendon and Stewart provide a mountain of evidence, mainly intelligence reports of live sightings of American prisoners in Vietnam and Laos that make for less-than-scintillating reading. But riveting sections describe Hendon's crusade on this issue in the early 1980s, including two meetings with President Reagan, pleading his case that the government free the live POWs. Hendon and Stewart directly accuse a long list of government officials of the coverup. Among the most culpable: Kissinger, President George H.W. Bush, Senators John McCain and John Kerry, Gen. Colin Powell, former secretary of state George Schultz and former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It's a chore wading through the live-sighting reports and the massive, detailed endnotes, but the descriptions of Hendon's unsuccessful personal mission provide an intriguing story—and carry the ring of truth. 36 b&w photos not seen by PW. (June 1)

Book Description
The dramatic history of living American soldiers left in Vietnam, and the first full account of the circumstances that left them there

An Enormous Crime is nothing less than shocking. Based on thousands of pages of public and previously classified documents, it makes an utterly convincing case that when the American government withdrew its forces from Vietnam, it knowingly abandoned hundreds of POWs to their fate. The product of twenty-five years of research by former Congressman Bill Hendon and attorney Elizabeth A. Stewart, An Enormous Crime brilliantly exposes the reasons why these American soldiers and airmen were held back by the North Vietnamese at Operation Homecoming in 1973 and what these men have endured since. Despite hundreds of postwar sightings and intelligence reports telling of Americans being held captive throughout Vietnam and Laos, Washington did nothing. And despite numerous secret military signals and codes sent from the desperate POWs themselves, the Pentagon did not act. Even in 1988, a U.S. spy satellite passing over Sam Neua Province, Laos, spotted the twelve-foot-tall letters “USA” and immediately beneath them a huge, highly classified Vietnam War-era USAF/USN Escape & Evasion code in a rice paddy in a narrow mountain valley. The letters “USA” appeared to have been dug out of the ground, while the code appeared to have been fashioned from rice straw (see jacket photograph). Tragically, the brave men who constructed these codes have not yet come home. Nor have any of the other American POWs who the postwar intelligence shows have laid down similar codes, secret messages, and secret authenticators in rice paddies and fields and garden plots and along trails in both Laos and Vietnam. An Enormous Crime is based on open-source documents and reports, and thousands of declassified intelligence reports and satellite imagery, as well as author interviews and personal experience. It is a singular work, telling a story unlike any other in our modern history: ugly, harrowing, and true. From the Bay of Pigs, where John and Robert Kennedy struck a deal with Fidel Castro that led to freedom for the Bay of Pigs prisoners, to the Paris Peace Accords, in which the authors argue Kissinger and Nixon sold American soldiers down the river for political gain, to a continued reluctance to revisit the possibility of reclaiming any men who might still survive, we have a story untold for decades. And with An Enormous Crime we have for the first time a comprehensive history of America’s leaders in their worst hour; of life-and-death decision making based on politics, not intelligence; and of men lost to their families and the country they serve, betrayed by their own leaders.

Hell in Barbados: The True Story of a Man Imprisoned in Paradise (Paperback)
by Terence L. Donaldson (Author)


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  • Hi,
    Finally my good friend Terence Donaldson has had his book published [Maverick House]. I was lucky enough to have had a sneek preview and it really is a terrific read.

    Hell in Barbados is about Terry's struggle with drug addiction and his incredible journey through foreign lands, where he tempted fate on so many occassions but somehow lived to endure another day. Terry's life was obviously out of control and totally beyond his grasp. He finally ended up in a prison in the Caribbean 'Hell in Barbados'. But this isn't another prison story or another drug mule operation gone wrong, despite the fact that Terry spent 3 harrowing years in Glendairy Prison which succumbed to a full scale riot, burnt to the ground with Terry in it and the events that followed sparked a Royal Commission which continues today. This story shows warts and all how one person can oneday have everything to live for and then the next day have nothing at all.

    Terry's journey caused him to lose everything and as I turned each page, I wondered how on earth he ever survived. Most times it seemed as if he was completely lost and just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it did.

    Terry's personal journey is told with such brutal honesty that it can but only open your eyes. It's not a story for the faint-hearted but it is one that needs to be told. Terry found his way back from the brink of total self- destruction. This to me is a strong message that ought to be shared time and time again to remind others that even in the most seemingly hopeless situations, there can still be hope.

    Kay Danes

    International Human Rights Advocate
    Foreign Prisoner Support Service
    Author Website:
    Latest world-wide release - 'Nightmare in Laos' - A True story of a woman imprisoned in a communist gulag.

    Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir

    Maverick House has just acquired Redemption by Stanley 'Tookie' Williams who was executed on 13 December 2005 inside San Quentin Prison in Los Angeles.

    The execution provoked international outrage as Williams had campaigned tirelessly against gang culture earning him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. International stars including Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx had also petitioned the authorities for clemency to no avail.

    Williams co-founded the LA street gang, the Crips, and was reputed to be the most feared man on the streets of Los Angeles until imprisoned for the murder of four people in 1981. In his biography, Williams decries his own bloody legacy and warns about the dangers of joining street gangs and gun culture. He was sentenced to death by injection with a lethal mixture of drugs.

    Redemption by Stanley 'Tookie' Williams will be released 9 February 2006. Click Here to Order

    New Schapelle Corby Book - My Story
    Corby, Schapelle with Bonella, Kathryn

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    ISBN: 1405037911 - Imprint: Macmillan Australia

    "When I flew to Bali on 8 October 2004, I imagined my biggest problem was going to be deciding which sarong to wear with which bikini... "

    It was meant to be a holiday. A fun-filled break to a tropical paradise to celebrate a sister's birthday. But for Schapelle Corby it ended up a waking nightmare. She was arrested at Denpasar airport after 4.2 kilograms of marijuana was found in her boogie-board bag. Schapelle had become the real-life victim of every traveller's darkest fear - drugs had been placed in her bag after she checked it in. Though completely innocent, she was forced to face the consequences of someone else's crime in a country where the penalties for drug smuggling are among the harshest in the world.

    Her trial and conviction became one of the biggest stories of the decade in Australia, and the entire nation watched in horror as she was sentenced to twenty years in jail. Yet despite the huge media coverage, the one voice we never properly heard was Schapelle's herself. Now, in this searing and utterly compelling book she tells her own story: of being wrenched from a carefree holiday into a stinking police cell, of an alien legal system where her attempts to prove herself innocent were thwarted at every turn, and of learning to survive - day by terrible day - in the squalor, discomfort and violence of a third-world jail.

    Schapelle's story is an account like no other - of a young woman experiencing the unimaginable, and enduring the unendurable with courage, strength and humour. It's simply the most unforgettable book you'll ever read.

    One-Way Ticket - The Untold Story of the Bali 9
    by Madonna King and Cindy Wockner
    On 17 April 2005, nine young Australians were arrested in Bali on charges of trafficking heroin. Four of the group — Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens, Scott Rush and Michael Czugaj — were caught with the drugs taped to their bodies. Two others, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were alleged to be the ringleaders of the operation. And a final three — Si Yi Chen, Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen and Matthew Norman — were also scooped up as the final element in the Bali 9, as the group came to be known.

    Their arrests, so closely following that of Schapelle Corby, shocked Australians; even more shocking was the revelation that all nine could face the death penalty in Indonesia. Public opinion has been loud and divided on their individual levels of guilt, and on the appropriate punishment.

    Journalists Cindy Wockner and Madonna King have investigated the extraordinary untold story of the Bali 9. With the cooperation of several family members of the Bali 9, they explore the histories of these eight men and one woman who have so unwittingly come into the public eye, to try to discover why these young people would take such a perilous risk. They also look at the controversial role of the Australian Federal Police in the fate of the Bali 9, and they are present at the trials and sentencing.

    One-way Ticket: The Untold Story of the Bali 9 is a compelling, clear-eyed portrait of an unforgettable chapter in Australia's history. It also serves as a chilling warning to all parents: this could be your child, too.

    ISBN: 0732283469; Publication Date: 09/03/2006; Format: Trade Paperback; Trimsize: 169 x 234; $29.95

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    Welcome to Hell now available in Thailand
    Maverick House is delighted to announce that Welcome to Hell, Colin Martin’s bestselling autobiography, is now available in Thailand. This gripping book chronicles an innocent man’s struggle to survive inside the Bangkok Hilton, one of the world’s most dangerous prisons.

    Honest and often disturbing – but told with a surprising humour – Welcome to Hell is the remarkable story of how Colin was denied justice again and again. In this extraordinary account he describes the swindle, his arrest and vicious torture by police, the unfair trial, and the 8 years of brutality and squalor he was forced to endure.

    'Reads like an unputdownable work of fiction...' - Kieran Meeke, Metro

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    You'll Never Walk Alone
    A True Story from The Bangkok Hilton by Debbie Singh
    Debbie Singh's life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to ten years in Klong Prem prison, the notorious 'Bangkok Hilton', for fencing a $1,000 cheque.

    With great honesty and heart, You'll Never Walk Alone tells the story of Singh's great determination and strength in the face of adversity, the rollercoaster ride of emotions she had to face in the six year struggle to save her brother, her ongoing charity work, and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tale.

    Price €10.99 ISBN 1-905379-10-2

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  • Heroin
    The True Story of a Woman's Triumph over Drug Addiction
    A true story of drug addiction, hope and triumph

    Julie O'Toole interviewed on Australia's Gold FM.
    Heroin is the moving story of a young Irishwoman’s emergence from the depths of drug addiction. Julie O'Toole's brutally honest memoir details how she spent months living on the streets of Dublin; dealing drugs and stealing to feed her habit, before her life was saved by a chance encounter with a drugs counsellor. With honesty and insight, Julie tells of the horror and degradation that come with life as a drug addict, and reveals the extraordinary strength of will that enabled her to conquer heroin. Heroin is available from 25 November 2005.

    'A shocking account of inner city life and addiction' - The Star

    'Explosive...the most shocking book of the year' - Sunday World Click Here to Order

    Today, Rhino Records released a two-CD set compilation of 27 songs by famous artists dedicated to 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the courageous people of Burma. The CD-set is titled "For The Lady", and is avaiable in the United States and Canada at major music stores including Barnes and Noble, Tower Records, Best Buy, etc.

    In addition to being the FIRST TIME that major celebrities have shown a public interest in Aung San Suu Kyi, the CD has great music--artists include Paul McCartney, Sting, U2, Pearl Jam, Avril Lavigne, Talib Kweli, Ani DiFranco, Damien Rice, Matchbox Twenty, Bonnie Raitt, and more.

    Help free Aung San Suu Kyi and all the people of Burma!

    Purchase - Click Here
    See photos of the musicians, listen to previes of two of the songs, and order your copy TODAY Here

    The CD-set would make a great gift for all of your friends and family for this holiday season!

    All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to the US Campaign for Burma's efforts to support freedom and democracy in Burma. USCB will receive approximately $12 per CD for purchase made through its website or $5.50 per from purchases made at music stores. The CD has already been banned by Burma's military regime.

    'The Damage Done'
    Warren Fellows
    Warren Fellows spent 12 years inside some of Thailands most horrific prisons suffering the most inhumane treatment possible from the hands of brutal guards.

    Warren survived the experience and was eventually returned to Australia a stranger in a strange land. The world had changed much since Warren last saw it.

    Warrens story is one of courage and survival.

    There have been two publications by Warren since his release. One entitled 'The Damage Done', and the other '4000 Days'.

    Click Here to read a selection from 4000 Days

    4000 Days

    The Damage Done

    The State is Not Immune
    by Richard Mechan
    The State is not Immune is a must reading for any expatriate who lives and works in the Middle East and for anyone who wonders how they would survive the shock and horrors of prison as told by someone who witnessed them first hand.The State is Not Immune is the true story of recent sufferings in Bahrain Prisons following manipulated Justice as experienced by Briton, Richard Mechan, who had to survive beatings, torture and more for nearly four years alone. ‘A door was opened and I was flung inside. There was no light and it took me some time for my eyes to adjust. It was a concrete box, three foot by six foot. There was a floor toilet and a hose pipe in the far corner. It was 50 degrees outside in the boiling sun. The Hole was unventilated. My heart began to palpitate as I struggled for air. I was going to die in here and looked for someway to hang myself to end this torture’. For more, read the preview extracts from the link below. The price of this international edition includes free postage world wide

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    Lifesentence in Thailand - the story of Pedro Ruijzing'.
    The book is released on 14 October and there are already 6000 sold! In Holland, that is almost a best-seller. The first press was sold in 1 day, the publisher is starting the third press at this moment.

    Pedro Ruijzing has given all the profits of the book to PrisonLIFE Foundation. started in 2002 to support Pedro Ruijzing during his stay in Bangkwang Central Prison. Nowadays PrisonLIFE tries to support all Dutch prisoners abroad.


    Christmas cards

    Our Christmas cards have just gone to the printer's, and with it you can help raise community awareness of the situation Iranians in detention and on temporary protection visas face.

    By ordering our Christmas cards, you can support our work while at the same time reminding your friends and loved ones about the situation the Iranians face.


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    First They Killed My Father

    Subtitled: A daughter of Cambodia remembers

    by Loung Ung ISBN 0-06-019332-8

    "Despite the tragedy all around her, the scrappy kid struggles for life and beats the odds. I thought young Ung's sotry would make me sad. But this spunky child warrior carried me with her in her courageous quest for life. Reading these pages has strengthened me in my own struggle to disarm the powers of violence in this world."
    Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, author of Dead Man Walking


    The Haha Man by Sandy McCutcheon
    Here's a great idea for a subversive Xmas present. Sandy McCutcheon's latest novel is a stunning indictment of Australia's detention centre and refugee policy. The novel THE HAHA MAN tells the story of an Afghan refugee and his journey from Afghanistan to Woomera.

    You can buy this book at all good book stores ISBN:0732264952
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